shoes, tie in with jeans or pants is cool, but was too short for ladies not to blindly choose thick sole with a stylish design, it is likely to undermine the proportions of the body and shoes instead of uncoordinated, and even attract people to pay attention to your choice of thick bottom for added height in the first place, leading to the opposite effect.Long wearing Heelys affect normal bone development reporter learned that, these kids foot pedal "hot wheels" also known as Heelys, wheels shoes, hiking shoes, etc, is  vibram five fingers currently very popular form of entertainment in a teenager shoes. Looked at from the outside, this "Heelys" is a core part of card slots and the slots on both sides of the two wheels of the shoes. Wears shoe stuck in shoes Manger with an adjustable elastic strap from the buckle fixed on both sides. Slightly lift the toes when walking with a wheel, sliding like figure skating.

When sliding wheels through friction could glow. Technology users in skating spin, back sliding, jumping, free, play with different patterns. Reporters found that such "Heelys" most welcome to pupils. Pupils told reporters that they have this shoe. "Wear these shoes master balance and co-ordination skills, similar to roller skates also, but it is more convenient, and wanted to go, trying to slide on the slide. "Yesterday afternoon, in front of Xin Shi Xiao Dong, a young boy proudly displays their" Heelys ". Yesterday, reporters in nike blazer mid several large shopping malls that different brands of "Heelys" price at 40 dollars to 140Yuan. New country markets a children's toy store owner said, "this shoe is selling really good, kid popular to play this now. "On the road" heeling "more dangerous than the reporters saw most" Heelys "packaging is simple. Only some of the brands in the instructions for

use of reminder, when you want to select a flat surface, and require the use of protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, wrist, in case of accidents. But in practice, most children are not equipped with any protective measures, "Heelys" slide to slide on the road. "During peak hours, I saw two kids rode ' Heelys ' home, just off the bike lanes and bike moving forward together. "Members of ladies and children wear" Heelys "road walking behavior of disapproval," in a safe place to play is not no, can play on the crowded street is a little dangerous. "" If the children really enjoy skating, parents should take them to a professional shoe and ground ice rink to satisfy a craving. "The citizen King, says Mr young children self-control," Heelys "as vehicle easy. "Heelys" unsuitable for children province of hospitals Pediatric orthopaedic physician Lin Weifeng told reporters that kids

on a pair of shoes dangling. Results at the end of accounts, like bad luck, Oh. In fact, wear some shoes are not always on foot, such as flip-flops. Remember: any shoes are not changing will not last long. Feng Shui exquisite formal shoes usually have five, laces shoelaces, shoelace broke must be immediately changed, changing shoelaces with colors, do not casually change different colors in different kinds of shoes, or you'll have bad luck on foot. Laces to fasten. Some convenience without a seat belt, or whatever, Oh, so long ago, your love life will be greatly affected. Casual shoes dress  air max tr 180 considerations 1. Shoes should not be in contact with acids, alkalis and other; 2. Don't rain soaked brush, water, sunlight, fire, 3. Often shoe oil, usually at least three or four days to rub one; 4. Keep the leather soft and bright, store it in a dry place, 5. Wearing for a period of time where you

want to place in a day or two longer wear to avoid shoe deformation. Shoes Tip If the legs are not ideal and most beautiful parts of the body, then you should try to dilute it, using blue, black, white, such neutral tones and socks, keep lines clear, simple. Shoes you can choose traditional pumps, no sandals or with elegant style. Proper shoe selection and match clothes to enhance beauty has a role. What most women believe black shoes and  nike air max 1 clothing can be worn with, in fact, this is an outdated concept. Popular elements, shoes matching process to follow and in the lower half of the principles, so as not to appear on the wrong footwear flop. See basic shoes, matching skills part 1Using similar colors to go with the shoes. Up to the bright colour or garment to shoes color, light or the color of shoes suitable for paired with brighter clothes, bright, neutral color shoes match

perfectly neutral-colored clothes. Intermediate shades or dark shoes can be used with dark clothes. 2, the shoes as a basic classification according to occasion and colors into two groups. If you have two pairs of shoes and two pairs of shoes, both of which are applicable to your regular events attended by, and all your favorite color, so basically as long as there are several pairs of shoes can be fixed up. Shoes do not need too much, the two pairs of high heels to flats can be. Both types of shoes are suitable to women attending various functions, to include both and dark in color shades both of their favorite color. 3, fix a broken heel is, in any case combination, don't ever wear heels have worn shoes or dirty shoes and dirty shoes that loss of feminine elegance. Stylish shoes, and it is inevitable that some dazzling. Indeed, you may choose not to fit the mix. Fashionable thick-soled

Commission pants. · pretty movement girl, Pocket skirt High Commission or special high of boots type sails shoes But people wear, slim long legs best suited. · how to build a line of sneakers, the only taboo is baggy pants, Sneakers Shoes narrow, flat, cannot afford to support visually by the baggy pants almost, but top-heavy like bound feet. Canvas folk mix show experience in virtually all major portals of pop dressed more simply are   nike air max classic bw borrowed star match. In private, however, DIY tide ride more comfortable or suitable for them, we will also attract fashion whirlwind. Outdoor and leisure in the city, summer-business gathering in Sven match if the match can we grow a lot of popularity. Our early 80After the idea is: summer is coming, I am the sandals. But then I saw Sandals not wild, but in a slightly more formal Office is limited, there is a dragging feeling. Also because of

 this, such as Converse sneakers brand aggressively into the Chinese market. A sudden wind and a canvas sea tide is pushed to the top. Just up the street you found was a young man wearing Converse sneakers of this whether it is true or not, add a little fresh but did nothing. Guys, just note the Korea boom in the summer of shoes, they have views of the self. Canvas remains canvas shoes, however they mix for Asia as a whole be moved completely. We don't lack good shoes in China. But poor promotion nike air max 90 and cocky personality. Then we hope the cutting-edge professional sneakers brand. The we are all young people as well, I also hope we can fully discover people understanding and wear canvas shoes are not the same. Wearing out our own new ideas and trends. We simply tell us several points below matching tips. 1: light t-Super 7 + pants (various hues) + light color canvas

 shoes (blue beige light green can) match more suitable for friends, alumni gatherings. To clear Sun feel. And more appropriate mix can make people relaxed near the feel. Makes you more willing to socialize with your friends behind. 2: t tShirt + shorts + jacket such a matching important foot sneakers actually summer is more suitable for home. T style I need say is very cool and completely relaxed. Big pants is the ability to feel so match of the leg into the wind drag and facilitate foot canvas shoes to wear. Rest is definitely the summer home of a perfect match. Not only cool look. Chewing is a match. Characteristics of high quality shoes (1) upper: or even someone just took off my shoes and are extremely bad, truth unknown itself. Four, should not wear shoes at Home Office of SOHUFamily, or people who don't need to wear formal shoes, often for convenience or laziness, just put

sliding to ; Seen from the arch and the Central curvature of the shoes fit, confirming the suitability of elastic foot Wai. 6 discounts, don't let the season of temptation or really likes to let his feet accommodating off size shoes, size too small shoe even when worn for a long time, degree of stretch is also very limited, temporary scenery can cause corns, foot blisters, foot pain, leg pain, bad for health.Favorite top ten reasons to love canvas shoes canvas shoes 1 reason: the Joker 1. Everyone has different reasons  nike air max 95 love sneakers, but most classic reasons must have espadrilles can match everything. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 2: comfortable 1. Lightweight, easily. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 3: simple 1. Simple, comfortable and very well equipped with clothing, looks really felt with my lifestyle perfectly. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 4: practical 1. Comfortable, affordable, and afford to wear. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 5: venting 1. Cotton cloth, canvas, ventilation is good. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 6: 1 less.

compared to leather shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes are the best fit for our hard work, enormous pressure of young office workers, eighty or ninety dollars you can buy high quality domestic brands of sneakers, but lasts long. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 7: used classic white, black, red, Super liked, each a different color will be different, other shoes do not feel this way, wear canvas shoes have become a habit. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 8: freedom 1. Canvas reflects a kind of carefree and casual manner. Ten air max plus reasons to love canvas shoes 9: fashion 1. Canvas shoes become the darling of the trend, manufacturers are also playing more canvas designs.Heavy metal, rock, retro, sports, gorgeous, horsehair, leather, jeans, no matter what kind of changes, wear canvas shoes are nothing makes it a must-have product for hipsters. Ten reasons to love canvas shoes 10:

environmental protection 1. Regardless of skin, do not involve animals, clean sneakers. Canvas espadrilles with clothes matching Tips how to build a line, put out their own style the most important, and jeans are the most secure, no matter how coordination can create conflict of contradiction of beauty. Really to a peep this year spring summer most in wearing trend, each brand marketing are has a: 4 · contradictions of romantic, girl spring summer essential of snow spinning dresses, distribution Shang sails shoes put styling guide back neutral, and lively route, distribution Shang colorful bright of pantyhose or half Commission socks also has finishing touch effect. · City ya ruffian, straight suit feet match cortex sails shoes, especially to dark color, and imitation old paragraph for better. · leisure cowboy, sails shoes and jeans most collection, especially narrow tube small straight

that way, Oh, not only to look good, and be sure to have good quality, worthy of their own. My sanity! I gave general clothes, good shoes, the Korean version will have very good Oh! Tried friends knew it. Good shoes is the best form of care to yourself Oh, this rather than buying expensive jewelry for imported clothing, is not a luxury, it is a very practical need. To say much more, and continued our chase HA! ... (2) Radians to be consistent. (It's  air max direct easy to ignore early reason for pain OH) the shape and curvature of the sole does not agree with your own feet, resulting in uneven distribution of weight pressure in the soles, pop say force is caused by the feet are not uniform, is a major cause of foot pain caused by Oh! Serious, direct oppression of your foot nerves, potentially creating a central arch and other non-conventional pain severe pain, in such cases, we must reluctantly part with, the shoes must not be worn.

shoe size will also vary. Selection 1, the best of women's shoes at around three o'clock in the afternoon to six o'clock shoe selection, because feet will expand slightly at this point, if the selected size does not think small, a dress is no problem other times of the day. Stand to try on, because when the foot when standing rather than sitting slightly larger. Try cannot fit only look in the mirror when you buy, be sure to walk a few steps back and forth,  air max thea carefully feeling shoe stability and size are appropriate. 2, when I try on shoes owned clean socks, when I try on shoes to wear off (especially the slightly tight leg ankle boots), avoid sweat stains in the try shoe's embarrassment. 3, about two-thirdsPeople with two feet are not as big as the mind which only which only short, two feet when I try on shoes to try on. In accordance with a slightly larger foot shoe selection. Cannot be

solely based on shoe size and shoe selection or have somebody buy it, be sure to try personally, because different shoe models, style or brand standards, shoe size will also vary. 4, feet, depending on the season there will be expansion and contraction, so in the winter when you buy summer discount shoes, you can try wearing the right size may be slightly smaller compared to summer. 5, and ideal of size at least is: ten a toe can in shoes in free to activities, has comfortable of liner and moderate of internal space; soles surface and feet Department SAG at of radian is fit, ankle bone and toe touch not to shoes; forefoot to has must of activities room, if with toe resisted shoes head Shi heel and shoes Hou help Zhijian also can stretch into a finger of distance, this size just suitable; heel Department of soles Shang surface to is good to posted live heel, walk of when cannot sliding to