that way, Oh, not only to look good, and be sure to have good quality, worthy of their own. My sanity! I gave general clothes, good shoes, the Korean version will have very good Oh! Tried friends knew it. Good shoes is the best form of care to yourself Oh, this rather than buying expensive jewelry for imported clothing, is not a luxury, it is a very practical need. To say much more, and continued our chase HA! ... (2) Radians to be consistent. (It's  air max direct easy to ignore early reason for pain OH) the shape and curvature of the sole does not agree with your own feet, resulting in uneven distribution of weight pressure in the soles, pop say force is caused by the feet are not uniform, is a major cause of foot pain caused by Oh! Serious, direct oppression of your foot nerves, potentially creating a central arch and other non-conventional pain severe pain, in such cases, we must reluctantly part with, the shoes must not be worn.

shoe size will also vary. Selection 1, the best of women's shoes at around three o'clock in the afternoon to six o'clock shoe selection, because feet will expand slightly at this point, if the selected size does not think small, a dress is no problem other times of the day. Stand to try on, because when the foot when standing rather than sitting slightly larger. Try cannot fit only look in the mirror when you buy, be sure to walk a few steps back and forth,  air max thea carefully feeling shoe stability and size are appropriate. 2, when I try on shoes owned clean socks, when I try on shoes to wear off (especially the slightly tight leg ankle boots), avoid sweat stains in the try shoe's embarrassment. 3, about two-thirdsPeople with two feet are not as big as the mind which only which only short, two feet when I try on shoes to try on. In accordance with a slightly larger foot shoe selection. Cannot be

solely based on shoe size and shoe selection or have somebody buy it, be sure to try personally, because different shoe models, style or brand standards, shoe size will also vary. 4, feet, depending on the season there will be expansion and contraction, so in the winter when you buy summer discount shoes, you can try wearing the right size may be slightly smaller compared to summer. 5, and ideal of size at least is: ten a toe can in shoes in free to activities, has comfortable of liner and moderate of internal space; soles surface and feet Department SAG at of radian is fit, ankle bone and toe touch not to shoes; forefoot to has must of activities room, if with toe resisted shoes head Shi heel and shoes Hou help Zhijian also can stretch into a finger of distance, this size just suitable; heel Department of soles Shang surface to is good to posted live heel, walk of when cannot sliding to