Commission pants. · pretty movement girl, Pocket skirt High Commission or special high of boots type sails shoes But people wear, slim long legs best suited. · how to build a line of sneakers, the only taboo is baggy pants, Sneakers Shoes narrow, flat, cannot afford to support visually by the baggy pants almost, but top-heavy like bound feet. Canvas folk mix show experience in virtually all major portals of pop dressed more simply are   nike air max classic bw borrowed star match. In private, however, DIY tide ride more comfortable or suitable for them, we will also attract fashion whirlwind. Outdoor and leisure in the city, summer-business gathering in Sven match if the match can we grow a lot of popularity. Our early 80After the idea is: summer is coming, I am the sandals. But then I saw Sandals not wild, but in a slightly more formal Office is limited, there is a dragging feeling. Also because of

 this, such as Converse sneakers brand aggressively into the Chinese market. A sudden wind and a canvas sea tide is pushed to the top. Just up the street you found was a young man wearing Converse sneakers of this whether it is true or not, add a little fresh but did nothing. Guys, just note the Korea boom in the summer of shoes, they have views of the self. Canvas remains canvas shoes, however they mix for Asia as a whole be moved completely. We don't lack good shoes in China. But poor promotion nike air max 90 and cocky personality. Then we hope the cutting-edge professional sneakers brand. The we are all young people as well, I also hope we can fully discover people understanding and wear canvas shoes are not the same. Wearing out our own new ideas and trends. We simply tell us several points below matching tips. 1: light t-Super 7 + pants (various hues) + light color canvas

 shoes (blue beige light green can) match more suitable for friends, alumni gatherings. To clear Sun feel. And more appropriate mix can make people relaxed near the feel. Makes you more willing to socialize with your friends behind. 2: t tShirt + shorts + jacket such a matching important foot sneakers actually summer is more suitable for home. T style I need say is very cool and completely relaxed. Big pants is the ability to feel so match of the leg into the wind drag and facilitate foot canvas shoes to wear. Rest is definitely the summer home of a perfect match. Not only cool look. Chewing is a match. Characteristics of high quality shoes (1) upper: or even someone just took off my shoes and are extremely bad, truth unknown itself. Four, should not wear shoes at Home Office of SOHUFamily, or people who don't need to wear formal shoes, often for convenience or laziness, just put