on a pair of shoes dangling. Results at the end of accounts, like bad luck, Oh. In fact, wear some shoes are not always on foot, such as flip-flops. Remember: any shoes are not changing will not last long. Feng Shui exquisite formal shoes usually have five, laces shoelaces, shoelace broke must be immediately changed, changing shoelaces with colors, do not casually change different colors in different kinds of shoes, or you'll have bad luck on foot. Laces to fasten. Some convenience without a seat belt, or whatever, Oh, so long ago, your love life will be greatly affected. Casual shoes dress  air max tr 180 considerations 1. Shoes should not be in contact with acids, alkalis and other; 2. Don't rain soaked brush, water, sunlight, fire, 3. Often shoe oil, usually at least three or four days to rub one; 4. Keep the leather soft and bright, store it in a dry place, 5. Wearing for a period of time where you

want to place in a day or two longer wear to avoid shoe deformation. Shoes Tip If the legs are not ideal and most beautiful parts of the body, then you should try to dilute it, using blue, black, white, such neutral tones and socks, keep lines clear, simple. Shoes you can choose traditional pumps, no sandals or with elegant style. Proper shoe selection and match clothes to enhance beauty has a role. What most women believe black shoes and  nike air max 1 clothing can be worn with, in fact, this is an outdated concept. Popular elements, shoes matching process to follow and in the lower half of the principles, so as not to appear on the wrong footwear flop. See basic shoes, matching skills part 1Using similar colors to go with the shoes. Up to the bright colour or garment to shoes color, light or the color of shoes suitable for paired with brighter clothes, bright, neutral color shoes match

perfectly neutral-colored clothes. Intermediate shades or dark shoes can be used with dark clothes. 2, the shoes as a basic classification according to occasion and colors into two groups. If you have two pairs of shoes and two pairs of shoes, both of which are applicable to your regular events attended by, and all your favorite color, so basically as long as there are several pairs of shoes can be fixed up. Shoes do not need too much, the two pairs of high heels to flats can be. Both types of shoes are suitable to women attending various functions, to include both and dark in color shades both of their favorite color. 3, fix a broken heel is, in any case combination, don't ever wear heels have worn shoes or dirty shoes and dirty shoes that loss of feminine elegance. Stylish shoes, and it is inevitable that some dazzling. Indeed, you may choose not to fit the mix. Fashionable thick-soled