shoes, tie in with jeans or pants is cool, but was too short for ladies not to blindly choose thick sole with a stylish design, it is likely to undermine the proportions of the body and shoes instead of uncoordinated, and even attract people to pay attention to your choice of thick bottom for added height in the first place, leading to the opposite effect.Long wearing Heelys affect normal bone development reporter learned that, these kids foot pedal "hot wheels" also known as Heelys, wheels shoes, hiking shoes, etc, is  vibram five fingers currently very popular form of entertainment in a teenager shoes. Looked at from the outside, this "Heelys" is a core part of card slots and the slots on both sides of the two wheels of the shoes. Wears shoe stuck in shoes Manger with an adjustable elastic strap from the buckle fixed on both sides. Slightly lift the toes when walking with a wheel, sliding like figure skating.

When sliding wheels through friction could glow. Technology users in skating spin, back sliding, jumping, free, play with different patterns. Reporters found that such "Heelys" most welcome to pupils. Pupils told reporters that they have this shoe. "Wear these shoes master balance and co-ordination skills, similar to roller skates also, but it is more convenient, and wanted to go, trying to slide on the slide. "Yesterday afternoon, in front of Xin Shi Xiao Dong, a young boy proudly displays their" Heelys ". Yesterday, reporters in nike blazer mid several large shopping malls that different brands of "Heelys" price at 40 dollars to 140Yuan. New country markets a children's toy store owner said, "this shoe is selling really good, kid popular to play this now. "On the road" heeling "more dangerous than the reporters saw most" Heelys "packaging is simple. Only some of the brands in the instructions for

use of reminder, when you want to select a flat surface, and require the use of protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, wrist, in case of accidents. But in practice, most children are not equipped with any protective measures, "Heelys" slide to slide on the road. "During peak hours, I saw two kids rode ' Heelys ' home, just off the bike lanes and bike moving forward together. "Members of ladies and children wear" Heelys "road walking behavior of disapproval," in a safe place to play is not no, can play on the crowded street is a little dangerous. "" If the children really enjoy skating, parents should take them to a professional shoe and ground ice rink to satisfy a craving. "The citizen King, says Mr young children self-control," Heelys "as vehicle easy. "Heelys" unsuitable for children province of hospitals Pediatric orthopaedic physician Lin Weifeng told reporters that kids